The Miserable:

The broken bodies

Left to the mud,

Brown mixing with red

Create a bloody picture

Of Red, White and Blue.


In the rain pavements shine

Like silver

As if lightning had struck

The ground.

The strength of the people

Resounds like thunder

As they cry:


“Do you hear the people sing?

Calling for their lives

As they fall to the


Wishing for you to understand

That these hearts full of love

Want no more to fall

To this war-torn land

Where no war was declared.”


On my own I stand

Mud sucking at my feet

Drawing me in to

Sunken land,

Fallen bodies sinking


Beside me.

Blood and mud squelch

Between my toes

As I stand beyond

The protective border

Of crates chairs and tables.


Rain falls,

Turning the ground into

Rivers of decay.

Thunder roars alongside


Lightning flashes like



I stand before metal demons, then lightning flashes all around.

Her Nature:

The hills her                                                     body,

The flowers her green blue                                                      eyes,

Fallen leaves her                                              hair,

The winter chill is colder than her



Probably a Sonnet:

Wisps of cotton wet lay across the sky

Blocking the heroic dots in midnight.

Flashes of orange and green light that fly

Across the miserable patchy night.

Down below the darkness, an echo cries,

The wilderness is dying my dear child,

It is time to say farewell and goodbye

To the not so everlasting wilds.

Deer, wolves, boar and slithering snakes,

Roam a dying home looking for new land,

Why did we destroy this world for fuck sake?

The lord does know this was never planned.

The end of the world is coming my dear,

We no longer have anything to fear.

Published Poetry!

I have some very exciting news. My first poetry piece, entitled Lost and Delirious Lovers, has been published in an anthology a few months ago now! This is also my very first publication and I am so excited to see where this first piece could take me in future.


Here you can find the anthology, there are many other amazing pieces of fiction, poetry and art within the book also, so be sure to check it out!

Sevenling, poem

(This poem was produced during guest lecturer Cathy Galvin from The Word Factory’s talk where at the start she had us write a poem in the style of a Sevenling poem)


I have often loved alone.

Believing in fairy tales, movie romance,

And romantic storytelling.


I am an unrealistic dreamer,

An Aurora dancing with someone

To happily ever after.


Then I met her.